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How to Increase Your Avon Sales by $500 in just two weeks

This challenge requires that you have at least 20 customers already. If you don't, then head over to the Avon Challenge #1 to gain 20 new customers in 2 weeks. Obviously the challenge is easier the more customers that you have.

If successful - this will nett you an extra $500 in orders ($25 extra x 20 customers = $500)

There are two main methods that I have found successful in doing this:

Method #1 - Avon Customer Loyalty Card

Suggested Supplies:

  • 20 or more Postcards - (FREE from VistaPrint or print your own off the computer with some nice colored card stock)
  • You'll need 1 postcard for each customer you have.

While this method isn't new, it is effective.

Either print your own, or get a Vistaprint postcard printed. Include 10 boxes each with the $$ value of an average order amount. I like to use $25.

$25 $25 $25 $25 $25
$25 $25 $25 $25 $25

Then add something along the following lines on their card:

"Congratulations, you have been entered into my Customer Loyalty Program. Each time you spend $25 you will get one of your boxes checked off. Get all 10 boxes checked off and get a free gift from me worth $$ (you decide how much you want to spend on the free gift)."

Often if your customer has spent around $35 they are likely to add a few items and spend extra just to get another box checked off.

This quickly adds up and it's actually quite easy to get an extra $500 (approximately) using this method.


Method #2 - Avon Customer VIP Email Club

This is actually my favorite method because it's very cheap and easy (and I like emailing customers because it is quick and efficient).

You will need to get the email addresses of your customers. Tell them you are starting a VIP Email Club Newsletter to offer beauty tips and extra special bargains just for them. Most people are happy to join your email club.

Create a newsletter that goes out weekly (don't email them more than this as many people get annoyed with too much email).

I like to email my newsletter once when the new brochure comes out, and then again a few days before orders are due in to Avon to remind customers.

The 1st Email:

The first email contains tips and ideas such as the latest beauty trends (check out magazines to see which colors are in fashion) and fashion trends etc.

I then usually offer one extra special offer that isn't in the brochure at the end of my newsletter for VIP customers only. (This is usually something that I have gotten cheaper at my sales meeting). I also make sure that I let them know that there are only 5 or 6 available and it is first in best dressed. Having limited numbers make items much more appealing!

It also makes those customers that miss out the first time, much more eager to buy next time you make a special VIP offer.

The 2nd Email:

My second email is usually very short and is more of a 'don't forget orders are due in on Tuesday - have a great weekend' type of email.

Many people respond really well to this 'reminder' email and I usually get an extra 10 or 15 orders from people who I didn't would place an order that campaign.

And it's those extra orders that can really add up - often to an extra $500 if you are lucky!

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