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Finding More Avon Customers & Increasing Your Sales.

The main difference between a successful Avon Representative and one that is struggling is the amount of customers that they have. Find more customers and invariably you'll increase your sales. So that's all well and good, but once you've gone through all your family and friends, how DO you find more people that want to buy Avon? Here are some of my favorite tips for increasing your customer base.

You've all heard the tips for standing in parking lots or shopping centres to hand out brochures right? Well I don't know about you but I hate going up to perfect strangers and introducing myself. Sure you can say "Hi, I'm Cindy an Avon Representative, would you like a brochure?', and I'm sure it would work sometimes - but I don't know about you, but I hate just approaching people I don't know trying to get new business.

So instead you need to think smarter about your Avon business.

The two main areas you'll need to concentrate on is marketing and advertising, just like a regular business.

  • Getting business cards is a good idea (get them free from Vistaprint whenever they have deals) or print them yourself on your home printer.

  • You can make flyers, brochures, postcards or just use the avon brochure with your avon selling strategy.

So, Here are Some Quick Avon Flyer Ideas

Creating Avon flyers is a great way to get your name out there. Most flyers have those tear off tabs at the bottom which are great, but let's face it, most people lose them as they are pretty flimsy.

Instead why not attach a few business cards to your flyers - then the customer can grab one from your flyer and then keep it in her wallet longer (much better than tiny bits of paper).

Also when creating your flyers, only use ONE idea per flyer. For example - promote ONE product on your flyer - 'did you know that for May only, Avon lipsticks are just $2.99? - call me for your colour selection'. Don't try and crowd the paper with lots of products or services.

Think About WHO Your Customer Is

Put your business thinking cap on - what type of customers are interested in buying avon products? Stay at home moms who can't get to the shops easily, older couples who arn't so mobile any more, regular busy working women?

Now think about where they hang out: Moms - at home, Working Women - offices, Elderly Women - home or retirement village.

Your next step is to create a marketing strategy around your specific customer.

Let's use the stay at home mom as an example.

She doesn't have a lot of time (who does these days!) so make things easy for her to buy from you. Create a Mom Pamper Pack!

In the pack include a brochure, your business card, a few samples, and order form and an envelope. Put it in a nice little bag (see through ones are best - I've found using freezer bags from the grocery store are great and very economical).

Put a nice message or note attached to the front of the bag or brochure. Something like: "I thought you would enjoy some time out for yourself, enjoy the samples and if you ever need to order anything just put the order form in the envelope and I'll be around at Friday 10a.m. to collect it, Take care and have a great day, Cindy".

Hang the brochure on her door knob or leave at the front step.

It's friendly - non threatening and likely to get a good response. I'd continue doing it each few weeks too until she orders or tells you that she isn't interested in buying avon.

Your avon selling goal for this strategy:

Try and add ONE new customer each campaign for the next 10 campaigns. You should be able to pick up one new customer for every 10 or 15 packs you give out.

For even more ideas for selling Avon, check out my ebook.

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