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How to Increase Your Avon Downline – Become a Recruiting Superstar

If you are serious about making a lot of money with Avon, then you are going to have to start building a team of Avon Representatives below you whose sales will contribute to your earnings.  I know what you are thinking though – sounds good in theory, but where am I going to find a bunch of ladies (or even sometimes men) who want to join Avon through me, and even if they do, what on earth do I need to do to keep them motivated to keep placing orders.

Yep I know how you feel, so let’s start with some basics, and learn how to build your Avon team with a few tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

Finding People to Join Your Team

So the first obstacle that you need to face is actually finding recruits to join your team.  Now you could do this the hard way and ask everyone you know who wants to become an Avon rep and sign them up that way (although that isn’t my preferred method since I prefer to keep my personal life and business life separate), or you can do things the easy way.

The easy way is to find people who are already looking to either be an Avon rep already (so you don’t need to convince them, all you need to do is sign them up) or others looking for some part time work or wanting to start a small home business.

One of the easiest ways to find these people is to advertise.  You can advertise in the local paper, flyers on community billboards and even online.  You will need to check with Avon that your ad conforms to what they will allow, but generally most advertising will be approved as long as it doesn’t make any outlandish claims.

That way people looking for your opportunity can seek YOU out – a much better way of building your downline than trying to convince total strangers to join Avon.

So what sort of ad works best?  Usually something simple is better.  Something like: ‘Avon is looking for you to join their Team, Want to get all your favourites at Rep prices and make money at the same time?  Joining Fee is just $10 for your starting kit of brochures, samples and more, Call me at ... or email ....’

Make sure you have an avon rep website too and can accept sign ups that way – some people are not comfortable having a face to face meeting because they think they’ll be pushed into something.  By keeping it casual and making it seem if it’s their idea then you’ll do much better.

Look Professional

If you do go in person to sign them up then make sure you look professional.  Nobody wants to join the team of someone who has baby spit on their top and doesn’t wear makeup.  Remember you are representing a cosmetics company so wear the makeup and perfume to the appointment interview.

I also recommend that you take your business cards with you (either ones you’ve printed yourself or had professional done).  It just looks better than scribbling your details onto a scrap of paper.

Helping your Recruits to Place Orders

You should conduct mini training sessions with your team once you have signed them up.  The first session should be teaching them how to find customers, how to place their Avon order online, and to answer any questions that they have.

If possible I prefer to do this first meeting in person since they are usually quite overwhelmed at first, but after that, doing email training sessions is good enough.  Send out some tips and advice to your team every two weeks or so.  Also reminding them when orders are due or any special promotions that Avon has is a good idea.

Keep going

You should keep advertising and trying to find new Avon consultants to join your team constantly.  Not everyone that you initially add to your downline will be successful.  And in fact the old rule of 80/20 seems to apply to Avon reps as well.  That means that only about 20% of the people that you get to join your team will be successful at it. 

So the more people you bring onboard, the more chances that you’ll find those winners and increase your income.

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