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Should You Get an Avon Website?

avon websiteIf you are an Avon Representative in the U.S. and some other countries then you will be able to get your own Avon Representative website

The Avon representative websites combined get over 2.45 million unique visitors a month. It’s a very easy way for you to get not only tips and selling ideas, but you can see products organized into different categories and have access to the latest promotions.

But the single most important reason for getting an Avon website is that you will have your own online store.  That means that you can cut down on a lot of the leg work involved in being an Avon Representative and do most of your business online.

Your website will look something like this: yourname.avonrepresentative.com.

I do most of my business online now, you can have people all over the country order products from your website, or even join up under you, but it is competitive so here are some times of making the most of having your own online store.

Now if you haven’t already got a store (and I recommend that you do) here are some tips for making the most of it in your business:

    • Don’t choose your actual name as your website account name, choose something easy to remember or one that sounds professional.  For example instead of janesmith.avonrepresentative.com choose orderonline.avonrepresentative.com (where orderonline would be your username rather than your actual name).

    • If you think that your website name is going to be hard to remember then consider buying a domain name and redirecting it to your avon website.  You can buy domain names for around $10 a year.  Doesn’t JanesBeauty.com sound better than janesmith.avonrepresentative.com?  You can simply add a redirect to your domain name when it’s approved to your actual website.

    • Put your online store web address on EVERYTHING – your business card, your email signature, and your brochures.  You’d be surprised how often people will place an order online rather than with you directly.

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