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Holiday Selling Tips for Avon Representatives

Are you struggling to find customers and get sales this Christmas season?  They try these tips from an experienced Rep.

  • Start by giving a brochure to everyone you know.  Friends, family, neighbors all need to buy gifts for their loved ones so make it easy for them.  If you are worried about appearing pushy then say it in a really casual tone, “Here’s the latest brochure, if you want anything just give me a call” and leave it at that.

  • Don’t forget about all of the guys that you know as well!  Men struggle to come up with great gift ideas for their significant others at this time of year so make it easy for them by offering suggestions, or even making up a gift basket for them.

  • Make your regular customers feel special by giving them a free gift with their orders to say thank you for being a great customer.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, a hand cream or lip balm is perfect!

  • Offer gift wrapping for free.  You can pick up some nice paper at dollar stores or use clear cellophane with a pretty bow.  Extra touches like these can increase customer orders and create loyalty.

  • Tossing can be lucrative this time of year with everyone wanting gift ideas.  Some people like to roll and toss (roll up the brochure and secure with a rubber band), however try using a cute Christmassy ribbon instead to grab attention.  Even better is to hang your brochure on the front door knob of your customer’s houses so they will see their ‘gift’ when they arrive home.

  • Use lipstick samples as Christmas tree decorations!  Just add some sparkly string to tie to the tree, or put them in little clear bags and hang the bags.  These are also great to give out to potential customers, just make sure you include your business card as well!

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