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Let the Easter Bunny Bring You More Avon Selling Ideas

Easter is a great time of year and a good time to Hippety Hop around to find some more Avon customers.

As you know I like adding a label to the front of my brochures to attact attention.

Here is one for Easter.

"Don't want to buy chocolate eggs this Easter?, Then try Avon's no-fat alternative
- Glazeware Liquid Lip Color in Chocolate - YUM
(oh, and it also comes in other color's too)"

Of course, feel free to promote any other 'chocolate-y' Avon product.

Treat's to add in your Brochure Bag

Of course, you could always be predictable and add a little candy egg, but why not stock up on chocolate colored lipstick samples (it would go great with the label on the front as well!)

Easter Scavenger Hunt

This one is always fun for your customers. Hide a little easter themed sticker in your brochures and have your customers find them for a prize.

This is also a great way to get new customers too.

What you do is choose a product or page (towards the back is good then they have to go through the whole brochure to find it) and place your sticker on it.

Then place a label on the front of the brochure saying something like:

WANT FREE AVON? If you can find this Easter symbol inside this brochure I will give you a prize. Simply ring/email with the page number and your contact details and I'll have your gift sent out to you right away!

The prize can be of your choosing, but a little pack of samples is always appreciated.

It will get people to open your brochure - which is really half the battle, once they are looking they'll find lots of things they like.

It's a great way to build your customer base really quickly, and you will be surprised that you'll get lots of orders too. Yes you will get some people just wanting the freebie, but loads of people will also place an order - you just need them to open the brochure first.

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